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The Practice is committed to protecting the privacy of our clients and the security of any personal data that our clients share with us.


Clients’ personal data may only be used lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner.


The Practice is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office. Data may include name, address, contact details, CPH numbers, e-mail and financial and insurance details, and the details of any representative authorised to act on the client’s behalf (clients should note that it is their responsibility to inform and obtain the consent of any persons acting as their representative to pass their personal data to the practice).


The information is used to enable effective communication between the Practice and our clients in the course of providing care for their animals.


How we define Personal Data


Personal data means information which relates to a living person who can be identified from that data. It should be noted that animals are not data subjects and as such information regarding your animals will be stored within the practice to record the medical history for your animal.


What personal information may we collect


When you first register with The Coppins Veterinary Practice to a member of staff in The Coppins, or over the phone, e-mail, royal mail or via our website, we may collect the following data:-


Name (first and second)


Telephone number (landline and mobile)

Representative/agent’s name and contact details

Company Name

E-mail address

Financial and insurance details and bank information

CPH holding number


Why do we collect this information


To register you and your animal on our practice management system.


The information is used to enable effective communication between the practice and our clients in the course of providing veterinary care for clients’ animals.


To maintain accurate records of veterinary diagnostic tests, treatments and the required records of controlled and prescription medicines used or dispensed.


For financial administration including insurance claims reports, and maintaining the necessary record of financial transactions required by HMRC.

For the provision of vaccine treatments, reminders and of information to clients of the goods and services available through the practice.


To provide clients with marketing for goods and services they already receive and additional services we provide.


To provide clients with marketing for administrative purposes.


Practice employees have access to the data necessary for maintaining treatment records and for financial administration.


Who may we share your information with


Clients should be aware that when samples are submitted to outside laboratories, or prescriptions to pharmacies, or records passed to referral practices it will be necessary to include personal data for identification of subject.


Third parties who we appoint to provide services include outside laboratories, referral practices, vet’s mobile phones, microchip companies, feed companies for specialised farm medication, other veterinary practices treating your pet.


Your personal information may also be shared with insurance companies when you make a claim on your insurance policy.


How this data is stored


Personal data is stored on the practice IT system and in the form of paper reports and documents such as consent forms, insurance forms.


The IT system is password protected and does not connect to the internet except through dedicated secure channels to specific sites. Technical support is provided by Robovet who have access to the management system for IT maintenance. Should we obtain technical support from Robovet, then employees of Robovet may be able to view your details.


Access to The Coppins computer system and documents are restricted to practice staff involved in administration and the financial transactions of the practice. All practice staff with access to personal data are aware of and regularly reminded of their responsibility to protect clients’ privacy and data security. Documents are stored in lockable filing cabinets in rooms with no public access.


If you e-mail the practice then your e-mail and any personal details which you have included, will be stored within Outlook. We use Outlook for our e-mails, we also use Logiplex for any technical support which means employees of this company may view your personal details if they are included in an e-mail.




CCTV monitors cover the practice premises and car park for the security and safety of our clients and staff and patients. Images are deleted after one month unless specifically required for lawful and valid purposes. The CCTV system is supplied by Bristol Fire.

Withdrawal of consent


Clients have the right to request a copy of their personal data held by the practice and request that the data is amended if incorrect or to have data deleted or restricted.


All requests must be made in writing.


The practice will make every effort to amend data promptly, and will delete or restrict data where possible, unless there is a legitimate reason to retain the records.

To download our Privacy Policy please use the link below

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